Audit / Due Diligence

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Audit / Due Diligence

Immigration Audit Services

For companies that rely on workforce mobility, compliance with national immigration laws is indispensable to minimize risks and to secure business success. Changes in immigration laws, fluctuation of the personnel handling the assignments and changes of internal structures require companies to regularly review their immigration standards, internal policies and individual cases. An immigration audit is a proven tool to ensure consistent compliance and quality in handling immigration scenarios.

Within our immigration audit, we review all immigration assignments (including business visa) for compliance and effectiveness with regards to:

  • Fitting immigration category
  • Sufficient documentation
  • Adherence to territorial limitations
  • Restrictions on prohibited labour lease
  • Payment of indicated salary
  • Social security obligations
  • Duration of permits / Exit reporting
  • Compliance with internal immigration policies and guidelines

Our previous experience has taught us that the annual training of HR personnel responsible for the documentation and preparation of the assignments improves the co-operation between our clients and us, enhances our awareness to the business needs of our clients and enables the HR department to gain a greater quality assurance towards their daily work.

For this reasons, it is part of our quality management to offer an annual training free of charge to our audit-services clients. HR specialists attending the training may receive a certification upon request.

Immigration Due Diligence:

As infractions can result in significant fines or even criminal prosecution, immigration issues are a potential liability risk in any transaction. With our substantial experience in all immigration related aspects and our background in M&A transactions, our immigration due diligence provides document screening regarding issues of illegal employment of foreigners, misuse of visa, illegal labour lease and international social security issues.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive document review
  • Liability assessment
  • Audit of immigration related company guidelines and policies
  • Training offers