International Employment Guidelines

"A memorandum is written not to inform the reader but to protect the writer."

Dean Acheson


International Employment Guidelines

Globally acting companies that are operating with their qualified workforce in all parts of the world need to be aware of the national immigration requirements. In order to ensure a secure, transparent and predictable transfer of their employees, globally acting groups or companies should develop a coherent set of internal guidelines and procedures to streamline the immigration process.
Due to our contacts to competent immigration specialists – most of them being fellow members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association or the International Bar Association – of different jurisdictions, we are able to offer advice on national or global immigration strategies, assignment contract drafting and labour lease restrictions.

Our services include:

  • Transfer / Immigration Step-by-Step Guidelines
  • Transfer / Immigration Policies
  • Description of Immigration Basics
  • Training to Company Personnel
  • Assignment contract drafting
  • Review of contracts regarding labour lease restrictions