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German immigration made efficient

purchasing / legal

Competitive Pricing
We come from international corporate firms but we are a family owned business. We offer competitive pricing based on our low overhead and great passion for the best German immigration solution.
100% compliance
We are lawyers! Compliance is part and parcel of our professional ethics. Our clients trust that we keep their immigration record spotless.
Large Volume Flatrates
We offer decreased flat fees for large volumes because we share with our client the cuts we can generate from streamlining and standardizing the application processing.
100% liability shift
German law requires every employer to ensure that a foreigner holds the correct immigration permit for the particular employment. If the employer lets a lawyer confirm the correctness of the permit, all liability shifts towards the lawyer.
Easy Ordering System
We operate a client onboarding mechanism that allows existing clients to drop an order with us without any further formalities.
Fast turnaround times
We know that speed is of the essence in corporate immigration. Our lean immigration method provides for standardized turnaround times of our services.